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So how is business? No really, how is it?


What is the ultimate goal of any company……of course to Generate Revenue.

Just a few questions....

  • Are you losing market share?

  • Is sales competing against each other and eating profits to secure a commission?

  • Expired Orders? These are contracts that should ship. Why are they being cancelled? 

  • How many outbound calls are being made each day to new and potential customers? Are they good phone calls or just calls to pacify upper management?

  • Are managers doing their job or trying to keep their job?

  • When was the last time an employee made a suggestion to better your process?

  • Hunter vs. Farmers? Low hanging fruit, in my experience it is usually the less profitable due to competition. Of course grab as much as you can however the gems are what the hunter can find.


What if you could increase your market share by 3%? Why 3%? 3% is and should be an easily attainable target. 3% can also be used to calculate the potential investment (not expense). What would 3% translate into revenue?

What if you could see the progress in regaining market share in 45 or 90 days without taking away from your current day to day sales.


The other cost is the human factor.

  • Are your sales people (employees) healthy, not only physically but mentally to represent your company?

  • What if your employees had a better outlook not only in their professional lives but also personal?


We can help your company with any of the above, consider us an investment not a expense.



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