How did OPY come about?  While coaching my sons in various sports; I saw a need for some kids to get that extra advice after practices or games, not only to improve their performance, more importantly to improve their confidence. Reflecting on when I was growing up, I truly believe that if I had a trusted, outside voice influencing me, in addition to my parents, I might have made different choices and avoided some painful mistakes. Currently we are focusing on individual and smaller group sessions. My goal is to reach out and target the kids that are on “the list” to motivate/coach them to make better decisions and set attainable goals.


Where are your individual and group sessions held?  Sessions can be held in the comfort of your own home or since we live in Southern California where the weather is nice outside, at one of our local parks or beaches. 

* Due to COVID-19, majority of our sessions are being held on line via Skype or Zoom. If an in person meeting is required, Masks are required and social distancing will be practiced. 

What topics do you cover?  While the list of topics is unfortunately is long, before our first session, we narrow down the topics to have a focus and immediate impact.  Each session is interactive so we can target the topics and issues affecting them. By focusing on their topics, we can assist them find the solutions to their issues. 

How can I schedule a session?  Contact us via email and call us. Let us know the best time for us to talk on the phone.



One today is worth two tomorrows.
Benjamin Franklin