Friends of OPY

When we heard Coach Al was forming a Non-Profit, SaveOPY Inc., we decided to pull our resources together and assist Coach Al on his quest.

The Goal of this campaign is to take SaveOPY from part time after work to a full time venture. 

In the past as a sales manager for a multi-million dollar electronics distribution company, he earned a reputation for using “Honey” instead of “Vinegar” to encourage his salespeople to meet and exceed their potential. While his youngest was in Middle School he saw there were teens that could benefit by utilizing his training techniques so he developed a program around his professional experience. He is currently working with teens individually and in groups. With the assistance of his son, they have developed an Assembly/Workshop to work with larger groups of teens.


Friends of OPY is just that, Friends of Our Promising Youth and championing the efforts Coach Al to empower youths and young adults to make positive changes in their life.

To get a better idea of his quest, take the time to check out his site,

Friends of OPY - Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals


Friends of OPY is a group of professionals that will not only raise the needed capital but also by each of us utilizing our talents such as website design, social media to help keep the upstart costs down.


The mission of Friends of OPY is to

  • Fundraise in our respected networks

  • Volunteer our services when needed to keep costs down

  • Promote SaveOPY to ensure EVERYONE knows they are not alone

  • Serve the professional needs of its membership


  • Ethical Fundraising through transparency

  • All donations are sent directly to SaveOPY Inc.

  • Friends of OPY  and SaveOPY Inc. abide by the Donor Bill of Rights (

  • Promote Respect - Respect yourself and all others.

  • Highest ethical standards of professional conduct


To promote the rights and best interests of not only the youths and young adults but also their parents, guardians, and love ones.

  • To improve access to quality tools to improve their future.

  • To help acknowledge, it is OK to ask for help. Not only in regard to personal growth but to improve access to help if needed for all aspects of mental illness, including causes, prevention, and treatment of psychiatric disorders.

  • To foster collaboration among all who are concerned with the youths and young adults during these trying and uncharted times.

These are difficult times for the adults with the mandatory self isolation. We can only imagine the magnification of any issues any youths may have had before. 


Please share with your network and Help Us Help Coach Al get the ball rolling full time. 

Feel free to email us if you have any questions, .

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